A cookie is a small data file stored on your computer or mobile device at the request of your browser from a website when you visit this website. The cookie allows the website to β€œremember” your actions or preference for a certain period of time.

Most browsers allow cookies. However, users can set their browsers to refuse or remove them, if they wish.

Some cookies are deleted when you close your browser. They are known as session cookies. Others remain on your device until they expire or until you delete them from your cache. They are called permanent cookies and enable certain information about your use to be recalled when you return to the website.

A cookie can temporarily store anonymous information about the use and users of a website.

Some cookies are required in order to use a website, others allow customization and optimization of the displayed content, the collection of user preferences or the monitoring of the website’s audience, website errors, and the securing of its access.

Collection of general data and information

Our websites collect various general data and information whenever they are accessed by a data subject or automated system. Those general data and information are stored in the log files of the server. The following data may be collected:

  • browser types and versions used,
  • the operating system used,
  • the website from which a system accesses our website,
  • the subpages that the system accessing our website navigates to,
  • the date and time of access to the website,
  • the IP address,
  • the internet service provider of the system accessing the website, and
  • other similar data and information that serve to protect our information technology systems in the case of attacks.

The collection and use of the general data and information do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the data subject. Instead, they serve the following purposes:

  • correct provision and display of the content of our website
  • optimization of the website content and advertising the website
  • ensuring the long-term functionality of our website
  • provision of the necessary information to assist law enforcement authorities in the event of a cyber-attack. The anonymous data stored in the log files are stored separately from any personal data.

Managing Cookies

Most browsers allow you to block all cookies, including essential cookies. Please note, however, that if you block all cookies, parts of our website and its functionality may not work or display properly.

You can delete existing cookies from your browser by clearing your browsing data and ensuring that the option to delete cookies is selected.