Build an indoor garden

Do you have a dream garden in mind but can’t seem to find the space to make this dream a reality? Despite popular belief, you really don’t need a huge yard to have an amazing garden. With the recent growing appeal of tiny homes and smaller, minimalistic spaces, there are many ways to achieve a wonderful garden in a very small space.

Whether you live in a small apartment and have a side garden or call a studio home that has no planting areas, there is so much you can do by way of pots, planters, and even custom-made garden areas even on just a countertop. You can use LED lights and hydroponic systems or just potting mix and sunlight to grow your own perfect indoor vegetable garden. If having a beautiful garden seems nearly impossible given your living arrangements, fret no more! We’ve got a perfect list of examples on how to make the most of your space and get your dream garden flourishing in no time!



Don’t let the thought of taking care of potted plants scare you. In this nifty idea, the plants are basically set into tiny little cup holder-looking planters. A wide misconception with potted plants is that you need to have large pots in order to keep the plants healthy. It is true that plants do tend to grow bigger and stronger in larger pots, but depending on what you want to plant, tiny pots with quality potting soil should work, as well. Herbs and other tiny plants and even some vegetables do very well in small pots.


If you have a spare room or area to utilize, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous indoor atrium. Even home or apartment that has a porched area could easily be turned into an atrium. You really just need a covered area that you can easily close off. If you don’t already have an existing room, you can add some trellis or fencing along the edges to give the illusion of a closed-off garden room. Atriums are as elegant as you want to make them and can be decorated up or down depending on your décor preference.


Herbs do exceptionally well in small planters. Anything, even a mug, can be used to house herbs, basically. In this photo, tiny colored pots hold delicate herbs basking in the sunlight on this windowsill. You could place as many planters as your windowsill could hold in this case. Since the planters are also in an area you’d see every day (a good spot is the kitchen sink window) you would easily remember to water them and look after them on a day-to-day basis. Some herbs need less water than others, so make sure to keep that in mind as well.


This just goes to show how versatile herbs are. You can literally house them in a wreath and they’ll do just fine! This is a really creative concept, actually. All you’d need is a decorative, sturdy wreath, tiny pots, seedlings or seeds, and any type of decoration you’d want to use on the wreath. Hot glue should work well enough if the pots are tiny, but it’s always a good idea to enforce anything on the wreath with some garden ties or wire. Imagine guests coming to your front door to see a lush garden wreath greeting them? It’s a fun, creative idea.


I love this idea! Using a simple mug or cup, you can create your very own tiny garden! This would be a great idea for a kid’s party or for some kind of crafting event. Since cactuses and succulents do very well with minimal water, utilizing these plants could be your best bet, especially if entrusting a child to watch over the cup garden. You can get as creative as you’d like with a cup garden. You could even choose a jumbo-sized cup or the tiniest teacup you can find. The possibilities are endless with this creative concept!

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